An R package for the reading, processing, and visualization of data obtained from the Union Biometrica Complex Object Parametric Analyzer and Sorter (COPAS) platform large-particle flow cytometers and a powerful suite of functions for the rapid processing and analysis of large high-throughput screening data sets. It combines the speed of dplyr with the elegance of ggplot2 to make analysis of COPAS data fast and painless.

Scholarship Odds

A look at the odds of winning several nationally competitive scholarships.

Application Materials

During the 2014-2015 I completed applications for graduate schools and pre-doctoral fellowships. Here, you can check out the results of these applications. In the interest of transparency, and following in the footsteps of professors who have opened up their grant applications, I have also included download links for application materials. If you find these materials useful in constructing your own application, please consider sharing your own materials for the benefit of others.